The complete print management solution.

Recover and reduce printing costs, monitor usage and improve document security.

Enterprise Print Management (EPM) is a comprehensive print management solution that gives companies complete control over their print activities.

EPM provides businesses, professional service organisations and education institutions with personalised browser-based printing management systems. EPM for business , EPM for professional and EPM for education, each have unique tools and features to enable controlled user-based printing while tracking users, cost centres and devices. By reducing waste and improving device efficiencies, EPM is able to offer all the financial and environmental benefits that a device-centric MPS solution alone cannot.


and benchmark

Prior to implementing EPM, it is important to setup a process to measure the success of a managed printing environment. By installing EPM in audit mode you can determine your printing requirements, needs and challenges, observe usage trends, user behaviour preferences and security requirements. This benchmark will provide a yardstick for you to compare against when EPM is fully implemented.

and reporting

Setting rules and security levels depend on what your business requires. Every user is individually profiled to be able to securely print and release documents to any device. Through EPM’s configuration management, the system can align users to cost centres with billing rules to best fit your organisation’s workflows. User behaviour can be tracked and reported on through EPM’s in-depth reporting and BI functions to realise and manage your printing fleet and user requirements.

Business Intelligence
and optimisation

The EPM system constantly runs a detailed analysis to monitor and evaluate your printer and multi-function environments.
All aspects of your printing environment are taken into consideration to provide a sustainable, cost effective road map for your printing requirements. The system intuitively adapts to optimise existing infrastructures, improve shared resources and create sustainable savings.


EPM for Business

Businesses have enough to worry about today without having to be concerned that unmanaged printing within their organisation is draining their resources and escalating costs. To help take the pain out of printer management, EPM for Business assists companies of all sizes to recover and reduce printing costs, improve document security and monitor usage. Security is guaranteed even in a diverse mobile landscape where users want to print to the nearest printer, from any device.

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EPM for Professionals

EPM for Professional Services is typically used by lawyers, architects and surveyors. EPM will assist businesses to recover costs with a comprehensive print and telephone cost recovery solution which accurately tracks and bills clients and internal departments accordingly. EPM for Professional Services allows you to see right down to the quick “in between a consultation telephone call” so you can track where your company’s expenses are coming from and evaluate and identify ways to improve cost recoverable transactions, monitor usage and improve document security.

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EPM for Education

Printing in higher education is a huge expense that can be difficult to track, control and manage. Educational institutions are often caught between wanting to provide their students with convenient access to premium copying and printing facilities and recovering their device and usage costs. EPM for Education addresses both these concerns and ensures that schools and educational institutions are able to offer their users efficient, streamlined printer services while recovering costs and lowering IT support and maintenance.

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EPM has a range of scalable features that are suitable for business of all sizes and provide the roadmap to a sustainable and cost-sensitive printing environment. These features are relevant across business, professional and education sectors to ensure optimum print management.

Lowering IT support and improving user participation is key to sustaining a print strategy. EPM’s self-service portal enables users to manage Follow Me jobs, link print queues in EPM’s universal printing platforms, change logins and manage their own printing reports.

Printing is not restricted to on-site computers or laptops. The EPM features puts printing in the palm of the users’ hands – allowing them to seamlessly print from any device and even manage “Secure Release” Prints while they are on the move.


A browser-based management solution enables you to use business intelligence to manage trends and control your existing printing requirements, while working to optimise the existing infrastructure. Sustainable savings are identified and implemented, resource sharing is improved and security is enhanced.

EPM’s Universal Print Driver (UPD) provides companies with a standardised one-driver solution for all their printing needs. Centralised profile management offers administrators the simplest way to manage users and print queues reducing support costs and the need for multiple processes around printing.

Reports can be run whenever they’re required and cover all activities by user, cost centre, device or office location. Everyone, from end users to department managers and system administrators, can access their relevant data, directly from a web browser.

The Secure release feature allows users to retrieve their printing from any printer, using their personal identification numbers or access card. This feature ensures document security and that the printer chosen is conveniently located and available when needed.

The EPM development program enables seamless device integration with leading manufacturers, allowing user authentication through login or card access, to track and recover device activities per user, as well as manage Follow-Me jobs.


EPM Audit Client is an intuitive user-friendly interface that allows users to easily assign appropriate account codes for all transactions, even if shared printers are being used by a variety of departments. Expenses can now be accurately monitored and billed accordingly.


EPM The print solution

EPM is a development partner with leading printer brands to ensure EPM can easily be integrated to work on their platforms, even in an environment of mixed manufacturers. EPM offers an extensive print management solution with a personalised interface that’s platform specific. These are some of the brands we partner with:

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